Clinical Guide

Increasing Multicultural Competency for Mental Health Professionals Counseling Clients Who Identify as LGBTQ+: A Clinical Guide
What is this guide?
This guide is not meant to be, and could never be, the most comprehensive guide on topics relating to persons who identify as LGBTQ+. The intent of this guide was to provide additional resources for the reader to delve into, if they want more information on specific topics.

But why is it so short?
Sometimes we can end up with information fatigue. This has also been described as trying to drink water from a firehose. The intent of this guide was to be a fun and easy read that left the reader feeling informed and better prepared.

The author has great aspirations to continually update the manual as more information becomes available. Also, the worlds of LGBTQ+ topics and counseling guidelines are continually changing. If you have suggestions of how to better this guide, please contact the author.