Dana M. Cea
Some interesting things about me:

One Missed Call; a short documentary about me (2015): 
I provide trainings, workshops, and speeches on topics that can be very serious and bring about many different emotions. While doing this I also bring my personal story and humor, because we learn best with examples and when laughing.

I created the Clinical Guide to Increase Multicultural Competency for Mental Health Professionals Counseling Clients who Identify as LGBTQ+ because as a queer consumer of mental health-- I saw a need. The Clinical Guide also nicely fit a requirement of my Master's in CRMH.

I am grateful for the many different opportunities I have had to engage with a variety of people in numerous communities not only in North Carolina but across the United States of America. 

I also attend as many trainings, workshops, and speeches as possible so that I can continue to learn from others and their stories. I do not feel that I could ever know everything!
"I stay open-minded so that even when I am facilitating trainings I am continually learning from my participants."